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  • Dato Jimmy Wong is a multiple award winning serial entrepreneur, author of several books as well as an investor. He owns a diverse array of businesses spanning multiple industries including music, fashion boutiques, aesthetic clinics, laundry chains, alternative energy production, fabric manufacturing and way too many other businesses to list over here.

    In addition to his entrepreneurial accomplishments and accolades, that he has garnered, Jimmy has also gained a reputation as as one of the world’s top traders and the CEO of JF Lennon, the world’s first ISO certified Forex learning institute with over 30,000 students worldwide which is also recognized as one the top business brands.  As a speaker, he has appeared alongside numerous times on international stages, workshops and seminars on the topic of entrepreneurship, personal development and course, trading.

    Last but not least, he is also a respected philanthropist, and is actively involved in many philanthropic and charitable ventures.


  • In his Wise Words: "DON'T Trade, WON'T Die! But ANYHOW Trade, SURE Die!" Heheh! :P I've been really BLESSED by the AWESOME Guidance and Mentoring of "The MAN" himself, Dato Jimmy Wong ... a Big-Hearted and Caring Shifu who's taken great pains to impart and constantly reinforce the proven trading strategies of JF Lennon in all of us! :) It's been a MOST Fun and Exhilarating journey so far learning to manoeuvre the complexities of the global Forex market. Thanks so much again, Dato Jimmy and the amazing team of seniors at JF Lennon. Pips Pips, Hurray!

    Kelvin Kong

  • I have recently attended Dato Jimmy Wong’s FX workshop. I am really amazed & impressed with what was taught. Just follow his proven system thoroughly. Coupled with the right mindset, I dare say trading FX need not be so formidable, a “beast” so many feared. Million thanks to Dato Jimmy who shared with us his “Da Vinci Code” on FX trading. Cheers! Ps: What was lacking in the course was the perfunctory complicated jargons and complex TAs. I am sure many of us can do without these.

    Daniel Low

  • I had been very sceptical and even scared to touch Forex in the past because of the horror stories which I have heard. But when I joined Dato Jimmy Wong's class at JF Lennon, I was pleasantly surprised and hugely impressed by the strategies taught which consistently brought in results. I am glad to have join the 2 classes as I have gained valuable skills and also gotten to know awesome people. Thank you Dato and JF Lennon team for teaching us, helping us and even continuing to guide us after the training! You are the BEST!

    Chrys Lee